Hollamoor Farm Riding a map will be provided

Leave the stable yard and ride along an ancient farm track surrounded by very tall hedges, exploding with flowers and wildlife. After the bridge over the goyle stream you have various choices: one being trotting up the steep track and heading for Hollamoor clump.

Once on the ridge, you could have a gentle canter along the grassy track, approaching the clump. Having ridden through the beech trees, you can just spy the sea, at Westward Ho!, in the far distance.

Then ride down a steep grassy track towards the beautiful oak trees beside the lakes. When you arrive at the lakes, follow the track around to the indigenous Larkbear Wood. Once there you can ride along an original carriage drive, under a green “tunnel” of ancient woodland. This used to lead up to the strawberry gothic mansion which used to belong to the Wreys, namely Tawstock Court.

The end of this carriage drive opens out onto a vast acreage of arable fields; depending which season it is, this is a wonderful place for some big canters and you have yet to open a gate.

Head back towards Hollamoor farm, leaving the old tower on your left, opening your first rider-friendly, gate (because of the sheep in the field). You could now head downhill to the far corner of a large arable field where you will arrive at a gate which leads into four linked fields for more fun cantering.

This brings you back to you original farm track which leads you back towards the house. There are various options all the way along this particular ride; it just depends what you and your horse feel like. 

You will frequently see roe deer and many pheasants and partridges. You will also hear constant birdsong wherever you are, especially in the woods.

For more information, please contact Caroline Wrey on: 01271 373466 or 077667 00904 or carolinewrey@gmail.com

Lanes Exercising

Ride up to the top of the drive and turn left. After half a mile, turn right at the Collabear sign post. You now have miles of glorious Devon lanes where you may, very occasionally, meet a single car. Many of the lanes have turf growing down the centre of them; they meander along gurgling brooks, huge hedges and through little copses. You can do any circuit to eventually bring you home when you feel like it.

Beach Rides

Detailed instructions and access to be given when needed.

Exmoor Rides

Unlimited; we will provide you with a map.